When we decided to open Cobbs Coffee, the owners of Rumble Coffee Roasters were the first people we told, and we've never looked back. They agreed to come on board as business partners, and they have always been so full of encouragement and support.

From a purely coffee side of things, the quality and consistency has been fantastic right across the board, from the blends (Haymaker) to the rotating single origin espressos and filters. The team do a terrific job of making sure the variety reflects different tastes and preferences, which is great not just for what we serve on the bar but also for making sure there are options on our retail shelf.

Most importantly, the team at Rumble give a shit.  We're in constant conversation with the team at the roastery and there's a genuine feeling that our feedback matters and they want to know how their coffee is performing on the bar. Their wholesale service is second to none, and their commitment to publishing what they pay for all green coffee (not just the Geshas) via the Transparency Report demonstrates there's some ethics behind this company, which for us, is really important.

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 6.30-2.00
Saturday: 7.30-2.00
Closed Public Holidays