Along with providing Ballarat with delicious coffee, and tasty sangas, Cobbs Coffee exists as the one-stop shop to access great coffee beans in Ballarat. Our retail shelves are consistently stocked with bags of Rumble Coffee Roasters’ freshly roasted coffee beans, including the Haymaker blend, (our house blend), Shadow Boxer blend, and a wide variety of single origin coffees, roasted for filter and espresso.

We reckon Rumble Coffee offer the best coffee beans in Melbourne, and we're proud to be the go to place for coffee beans in the Ballarat region. We also stock a wide range of coffee equipment for all your home brewing adventures.

Our house blend here at Cobbs, Haymaker
is a blend which allows the inherent flavours of the beans to shine through, and you’ll notice smooth, and juicy notes of caramel and orange. Bold and creamy.

Shadow Boxer is a bold and rich espresso blend. Perfect for those who love notes of dark chocolate and toffee, this blend is an absolute delight. It’s great as an espresso and pairs beautifully with milk.

We offer a rotating single origin menu, and our retail shelves are always chock-full of bags of fresh and delicious seasonal coffees. 
If you love trying the best coffee beans in Ballarat, and like to explore different varietals and processed coffee, drop by and nab a bag of single origin freshly roasted by the team at Rumble Coffee.


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Monday-Friday: 6.30-2.00
Saturday: 7.30-12.00
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